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Dragon Lotus Machine Flower Sculpture

In my ‘Machine Flower’ series of sculptures, I abstract the beautiful forms of flowers as well as explore aspects of their nature such as how they communicate, move and convert light into energy. All of these sculptures are based on plants native to specific regions and are made from hand-formed porcelain I mix and cast. Some of these sculptures are inanimate and some are kinetic and explore the movement plants make. Movement in plants is called nyctinasty. This can be seen when the anemone flower opens its petals to the sun in the morning and then closes them at sunset

Wall Flower

Wall Flower is a sculpture made of truck transmission parts, discarded lights fixture, parts from an old Smith-Corona typewriter and scrap glass from a picture frame shop. I cut, tapped, and manipulated these materials to make this sculpture. After completing my studies at the University of Oregon, I was left without having access to all of the resources of their art department. This forced me to hustle & find ways to make my art. Working in my living room with only hand tools and tight budget, I was able to produce a body of work.

Lotus Table

The Lotus Table’s form is inspired by the emerging of a lotus from water. This functional art piece represents my interest in playing with materials and structure. The table is in complete balance as the glass petal ‘legs’ are in compression and the steel tie-rods pull everything together in tension.

Infinity Light Sculpture

The Infinity Light Sculpture was an interactive part of a larger art show I had at Traver Gallery in 2011. This piece was inspired by William Blake’s statement, “To see the universe in a grain of sand.” I used one-way glass and strip lights to create an infinite universe in an unassuming box. There are two horizontal viewing portholes into this sculpture. One is low for children to look in and one is higher for adults. The different portholes have different perspectives.


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